Five Simple Steps To Better BIM Management

Some simple tips to improve your company’s BIM management workflows (videos) 🎬

We share the five simple steps you can implement to improve your BIM Management workflow: 

  1. How to create a BIM Execution Plan
  2. How to agree on a clear BIM scope
  3. How to sequence BIM tasks with your team
  4. How to manage the BIM tasks
  5. How to verify the 3D model against your BIM requirements

Practical BIM management tips and tricks:


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3 Critical Things You Need in Your BIM Execution Plan BEP

3 Critical Things You Need in Your BIM Execution Plan BEP

3 Tips for your BIM Execution Plan BEP! There are three essential components to a successful BIM Execution Planning process: PLANNING, SCOPING, and MANAGEMENT. Without these three elements in place, it’s almost impossible for teams to effectively collaborate and generate useful, accurate, and reliable deliverables. In this blog post, I will discuss each of these components in more detail and explain how they work together to create a successful BIM Execution Plan 💪

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My Top 10 Best BIM Software Programs

My Top 10 Best BIM Software Programs

If you’re in the market for the best BIM software, you’ll want to check out this list of my top 10 favorite BIM programs. I share what I like about each BIM tool and my thoughts on what makes each one slightly different. It’s a great list of BIM software, but you might have more you would like to add too!

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