Five Simple Steps To Better BIM Management

Some simple tips to improve your company’s BIM management workflows (videos) 🎥 

We share the five simple steps you can implement to improve your BIM Management workflow:

  1. How to create a BIM Execution Plan
  2. How to agree on a clear BIM scope
  3. How to sequence BIM tasks with your team
  4. How to manage the BIM tasks
  5. How to verify the 3D model against your BIM requirements

Practical BIM management tips and tricks:



Easy Table Creation and Manipulation in Plannerly

Easy Table Creation and Manipulation in Plannerly

Tables allow us to present data and content in a structured format, making it easier to read, understand, and manage. In this article, we will explore how tables can be easily added and customized to sections within a document, highlighting their benefits in organizing information and enhancing productivity.

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How to Maximize Online Project Management Tools

How to Maximize Online Project Management Tools

Learn how to make the most out of using an online project management tool in this informative video. Discover various ways to insert videos into your projects, including embedding videos from YouTube and uploading videos directly. Additionally, explore the possibilities of embedding other types of rich data such as forms, diagrams, and Google Sheets. Find out how incorporating multimedia elements into your project plan can effectively convey complex information and help everyone involved stay on the same page. Start planning early and efficiently with Plannerly!

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