BIM Management Education

The BIM management webinar below is a recording from a session with over 100 students learning about BIM in Africa. 

These BIM.Africa students were introduced to BIM Execution Planning and some practical steps that can be used in the design and construction industry when they graduate.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Creating a BIM Execution Plan
  2. Agreeing on a clear BIM Scope
  3. Managing BIM tasks together
  4. Verifying your BIM requirements

Want to learn about ISO 19650?

Download a workflow of ISO 19650 PDF free here.

BIM Courses: HERE

How to implement IDS from buildingSMART

How to implement IDS from buildingSMART

Discover how openBIM standards established by buildingSMART empower BIM workflows through the utilization of the data dictionary (bSDD) and Information Delivery Specifications (IDS). Uncover the ways in which these tools elevate communication, guarantee data coherence, and refine project processes within the construction sector.

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Building vs Buying AEC/BIM Software (Exploring the Pros and Cons)

Building vs Buying AEC/BIM Software (Exploring the Pros and Cons)

Let share my very own build vs buy stories and dive into the age-old question of whether to build your own or rely on professional providers for your AEC software. I hope to uncover the pitfalls, give you some valuable insights from my experience, and help you make the right decision when it comes to AEC/BIM software.

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