Learning About BIM Management

This BIM Management Masterclass helps teams learn about the importance of BIM Execution Plans (BEP) – how they are created, shared, agreed to and best practices to track BIM tasks to completion.

In the video below we share the steps to create a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), follow the ISO 19650 standards for agreeing on a BIM Scope, share how teams can manage their BIM tasks and some tips on how to verify against the owner’s BIM requirements.

We cover the following key areas of BIM Management:  

  1. Creating the BIM Execution Plan
  2. Agreeing on the BIM Scope
  3. Managing BIM tasks as a team
  4. Verifying the owner’s BIM requirements

Thanks to the Blaze team for co-hosting this informative BIM Management Education session!

Alcances legibles por computadora para proyectos BIM

Alcances legibles por computadora para proyectos BIM

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