🎥 BIM Management Best Practices

As the construction industry becomes more technology-dependent, the position of BIM Manager is becoming increasingly important!

BIM Managers oversee numerous BIM teams with different views, goals and many different BIM software tools.

In order to be a successful BIM manager, you must be able to effectively communicate with all members of the project team (including architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers).

To achieve this BIM Managers must develop BIM Execution Plans, define BIM requirements (some following ISO 19650 standards) and also ensure that BIM deliverables meet the client’s handover requirements.

This BIM management video series will help you understand each of these critical tasks in more detail.

We talk about everything from BIM planning to contracting and from BIM standards to BIM verification.

📘 Bookmark this page and watch any of the videos below to learn about some practical BIM management strategies:

🎥 Eight Critical BIM Management Topics:

BIM Management:

BIM Execution Planning:

Contracting For BIM:

Lean BIM:

BIM Validation:

BIM Standards:

Lean BIM For Owners:

BIM Compliance:

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