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Secure eSignature for BIM Contracts

The most simple and streamlined approach to contracting for Building Information Modeling (BIM) following the ISO 19650 appointment workflow..

BIM Contracting, Made Simple.

The AECO industry runs on contracts – let’s make them ridiculously simple to prepare, agree and act on!


Fast BIM Contracts  Do business faster

Without needing to be physically present – eSignature is trusted by hundreds of millions of people world-wide and more than half of eSignature transactions are completed in less than 24 hours – compared to days or weeks for traditional methods!

Signature for BIM contract  Legally Binding + Secure

Data encryption, audit trails, tamper-proofing, and industry-standard compliances are default. eSignature is only available for signed-in users and documents are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption. When a user signs a signature request each signature on a document is imposed and affixed to the original document.

Simple BIM  BIM Contracts – Easy As

Reduce the manual steps to filter by Appointment and merge EIR (Exchange Information Requirements), BEPs (BIM Execution Plans), Responsibility Matrices, Information Protocol and more(!) into a single beautifully formatted PDF.

Happy BIM Customer  Delight your clients

Improve customer experience by making it easier for companies to do business with you. Simplify each team’s contract documents by filtering and creating targeted appointment documents to the exact requirements by company, milestone, document type (and others) in one simple online workflow.


BIM Team Contract Access  Access Control

Control access to each document while keeping all contracts stored securely with the relevant project data.

BIM Agreements  Collaborative Contracting

Simple collaboration to request one or more team member’s document approval with a simple check mark.

BIM and paperless contracting  Eliminate The Paperwork – Literally.

Modernize your approach to procurement by streamlining your company’s entire contracting process. Plannerly’s Contract module integrates the role of multiple tools to create professional agreements with integrated eSignature in just a few clicks

BIM Contract Certificate  Electronic certificates

Electronic certificates are provided with every signed document and can serve as evidence should a dispute arise.

BIM Contract with signatures

More Contract Module Features:

Reduce BIM Contract Admin

Combine descriptive Plan documents and detailed Scope requirements into a single beautifully formatted PDF. Simple to manage your Exchange Information Requirements, Pre-Contract BIM Execution Plans / Pre-Appointment BIM Execution Plans and Post-Contract BIM Execution Plans / Post-Appointment BIM Execution Plans.

Improve Compliance

Legally-binding and ESIGN and UETA compliant – Plannerly meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

Secure By Design

We take security seriously. Strict physical access control that complies with industry-recognized standards, such as SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. We stand for protection, continuity, availability, and system confidentiality.

Simple For Your Team

Save time, cut admin and accelerate signing with documents (created from simple but powerful ISO 19650 templates) sent for signature instantly.

No Limits

Enjoy unlimited usage – no per user or per signature pricing – sign as many documents with as many signatures as you like! Included with all Company plans.

Highly Efficient

Do more efficient business with the convenience and security of legally binding eSignatures.

eSignature Uses

eSignature is accepted in most countries just the same as a pen-and-paper signature – it is however not recommend for Wills or Power of Attorney, which are unlikely for project teams in the AECO industry. 

Global eSignature Standards

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act was enacted June 30, 2000 to allow for the use of eSignatures as a legally binding signature. eSignature is not just legal but also more rapid and now even more simple!


Documents are stored behind a firewall and authenticated against the sender’s session every time a request for that document is made. With Plannerly’s Contract module there is no requirement for external add-ons, uploads, downloads or other potential security risks.

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