Docs - Create Smart Documents (BEP and EIR) with a Single Click

Creating multiple documents like EIR, BEP and Meeting Minutes can be a real hassle. But with Docs, it’s as easy as a single click!

With SmartFields and built-in approval steps, you can get things done in no time ⚡️ and gain agreement faster than you ever thought possible! 🤝 

BIM Execution Plan
Scope - Visualize Project (LOD and LOIN) Tasks and Assignments Quickly

Elevate your project management game with simple, customizable visual Scopes! Quickly coordinate with internal and external teams on deliverables, dependencies, and delivery dates.

Use our handy Timeline View to easily visualize project tasks and keep everyone in the loop. Say goodbye to project management headaches and hello to streamlined success! 🚀

BIM Scope
Verify - Automate BIM Model IDS Checking and Compliance

Verify auto-links and auto-checks over 80 file formats (yes, including Revit and IFC!) and even directly integrates with ACC/BIM 360!

Verify enables external teams to self-QA and fix their deliverables, saving your valuable time. Peace of mind at your fingertips! 🤗

BIM Checking

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