ISO 19650 Templates Localized

Would you like to have the OIR, PIR, EIR, AIR, BEP templates in your own language? 

Would this help to optimize ISO 19650 workflows in your country?

In this article we share how you can leverage the experience of over 200 Building Information Modeling (BIM) teams for a huge head start to define BIM standards compliant to ISO 19650 and become an even bigger BIM hero in your country! ???? 

What Are the ISO 19650 Templates?

Information Management is such a critical activity for BIM teams around the world – however one of the primary challenges is for all teams to align on the correct processes and workflows.

The good news is that the ISO 19650 standards and templates can now help teams to speak the same language when it comes to Information Management.

The standards introduce over 10 important ISO 19650 documents that are required in order to be ISO 19650 compliant.

ISO 19650 Templates from Plannerly

Some of the ISO 19650 documents:

These documents include everything from how to define what an Appointing Party (client) cares about, to specifying for the exchange of information and onto how teams can manage risks related to BIM implementation on their project.


    This short intro video describes how to access these templates to review them and also invites you to join the review team:


    Needless to say it is a lot of work to put these documents and templates together and it would be a waste for all teams around the world to repeat this work many times over.

    So, to help our industry get a head-start on their ISO 19650 compliance an expert BIM team has done a lot of the hard work for us ????

    A group of over 200 teams from over 40 countries has formed with representation from all sectors.

    ISO 19650 Review Team

    The ISO 19650 team includes members from Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and Vietnam!

    The group involves Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, BIM Services Providers and ISO 19650 Trainers and Auditors – do you know anyone who should be on this team?

    The great news too is that this team is continually collaborating to keep the templates up to date and aligned with any updates to the ISO 19650 standards.


    If you would also like to see these templates in your local language you can join a team and request your own complete set of these ISO 19650 templates to be set up on the Plannerly platform for free.

    The next step is for one of the Plannerly team to introduce you to other local experts who might also share in your desire to improve BIM management in your country.

    We will help form the team, support you through the translation process and also support an online launch party for when the templates are ready to be shared with your community.

    We will also publicize you as a local BIM leader in your community and invite you to share your story for extra exposure.


    We believe that BIM teams should not have to reinvent the wheel for every project! 

    So much great work on the ISO 19650 templates is waiting for you to take advantage of so sign up, take a look, provide some feedback and let us know how we can help you to use the templates in your country!

    Which template will you translate and use first?:

    Free Access to ISO 19650 Templates

    New BIM Management videos, templates and tips are added to this BIM BLOG WEEKLY!

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