Visual BIM scopes that everyone can understand

A collaborative framework to define ISO 19650 requirements for Geometry, Documentation and Information following the Level of Information Need standard, BS EN 17412-1 / BS EN ISO 7817.

BIM Scoping, Made Visual.

Traditional BIM scopes can be rigid, wasteful and confusing – it’s time to help teams define the optimal BIM requirements.


Global BIM Standards   Global BIM Standards

Simple to implement ISO 19650 (Level of Information Need EN 17412-1/BS EN ISO 7817), US AIA, BIM Forum, Uniformat, Uniclass – and many more – BIM standards. We’ve got you covered!

BIM Object Library  Templates Library

Drag and drop to build your BIM Uses from a complete BIM object library – with industry standard templates for Uniformat, Uniclass, Revit Categories, MIDPs and more!

ISO 19650 Level of Information Need software for simple BIM scoping to BS EN 17412‑1:2020 BIM Scoping MIDP level of information need

Real-time BIM Collaboration   Clear Communication

Simple to define the Who, What, When and Why. Set your Information Delivery Milestones. Define Geometry, Information and Documentation requirements to ISO 19650 Level of Information Need – ISO 7817.

Print BEP as PDF   Print Formatted PDFs

No more hours spent on formatting, versioning and sending pdfs by email. We prefer one-click, custom branded documents with auto-archived backups and private or public hyperlinks. Your choice!


Real-time BIM Collaboration  Model Checking

Use Plannerly’s Verify module or download the Scope data for model checking in Solibri, 3D Repo, BIM Assure, Assemble and others to check the model meets your requirements.

One Minute SCOPE Intro:


More Scope Features:

Global BIM Standards

Support for all BIM standards including ISO 19650, US AIA, US BIM Forum, Penn State BEP, USIBD, Level of Information Need and many more!

Level of Information Need

Define the required Geometry, Information and Documentation requirements for all Information Delivery Milestones per BS EN 17412-1:2020/BS EN ISO 7817.

Worldwide Classifications

Use Uniclass, Uniformat, Omniclass, Revit Categories, NRM, SMM7, Masterformat, DiKon, Fagmodeller, DIN 276, Önorm, GuBIMClass, Entregas EAIM, eCCC-Bât, NL-SFB, Statsbygg, ABNT NBR, Talo2000 and many more!

Information Requirements

Quickly assign IFC and COBie based information requirements for each Information Delivery Milestone. Export for checking in your favorite model checking tool or simply use the built in Verify module.

Works On Your Fave Browsers

Apple or Microsoft? It doesn’t matter, everything works the same on Safari, Edge, Chrome and many other browsers.

RACI Ready

Use simple RACI – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed assignments. Know the accountable Team, the responsible Team Member, task dependancies for consultation requirements and Managers are always informed.

Largest Generic Library

Use the world’s largest library of elements and document types to plan your requirements. 

Simple User Interface

More drag and drop than you can shake a stick at. We focus every day on how we can move towards zero training. We optimize every step.

Fast & Secure

Load thousands of rows of data securely and quickly – right in your browser.

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