Are you looking for ways to improve your BIM management skills?

Then you won’t want to miss this series of BIM webinars!

Led by some top BIM experts, we provide you with the latest tips, tricks, and techniques for managing BIM projects of all sizes.

Each webinar focuses on a different aspect of BIM management.

We provide everything from an overview of the BIM process and benefits of BIM for construction projects to BIM coordination and ways to improve communication between project stakeholders.

We discuss how to identify potential problems using BIM before they impact the construction schedule.

We also cover BIM Execution Planning, data management and discuss how to create the perfect BIM management process for describing information requirements right through to verifying BIM models.

We show you how leveraging the latest BIM technology (like Plannerly 😃), BIM Managers can streamline processes and improve communication between all parties involved in a project. As a result, BIM management has become an essential skill for any construction professional.

Whether you’re just starting out in BIM management or you’re a seasoned pro, this series is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about BIM management!

Choose from either BIM Best Practices or BIM Management to get started!: 

BIM Best Practices

Learn simple steps to help improve your BIM management workflows


1. BIM Planning


2. BIM Scoping


3. Templates


4. BIM Management


5. BIM Compliance


Top BIM Blogs:

‎⁨ مقدمة حول قوالب الأيزو 19650⁩

‎⁨ مقدمة حول قوالب الأيزو 19650⁩

تتوفر قوالب ISO 19650 الجديدة باللغة العربية مجانًا داخل Plannerly. نعم ، يستطيع Plannerly الآن التحدث باللغة العربية! شاهد الفيديو للحصول على مقدمة عن ISO 19650 وتعرف على قوالب ISO 19650.

BIM Case Study: How One Team Saved Over 4 Million Euros (with BIM)

BIM Case Study: How One Team Saved Over 4 Million Euros (with BIM)

This BIM case study post will examine how the LIMSEN team successfully used Plannerly to manage their BIM workflow on a large project and save over 4 million euros. We’ll look at what BIM uses were deployed, the scope of the project, and how that helped the team reduce costs and meet their scheduling goals. Furthermore, we will discuss ISO 19650 standards and best practices for setting up a Common Data Environment (CDE) along with 3D Coordination, 5D Quantification, and Checking/Reporting of BIM models. Finally, we’ll analyze the lessons LIMSEN learned from this case study and how they can be applied to other projects in order to maximize savings and efficiency. Join us as we explore how one team leveraged BIM technology to achieve remarkable results!

ISO 19650: The Importance of Having the Right Starting Point

ISO 19650: The Importance of Having the Right Starting Point

If you’re a BIM Manager, then you know that following ISO 19650 standards could be crucial for any design and construction project. But achieving an ISO 19650 compliant status can be tricky if you don’t have the right foundation. In this blog post, I’ll share how you can get your team up to speed quickly and avoid any potential pitfalls along the way!

The 5 BIM Bloggers

The 5 BIM Bloggers

Your BIM Blog: Here are five design and construction BIM-ers who share their unique experiences about how Building Information Modeling (BIM) has helped them solve problems and perform better in their roles. You’ll get to read in-depth instructional material, as well as some hilarious BIM experiences – some are quite controversial! ???? Every week, they’ll post a new blog so bookmark this page and check back every week to learn some of the greatest BIM insights!

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