Become an ISO 19650 Auditor!

Excited about becoming an ISO 19650 Assessor? 

As a valued member of the Plannerly community, you probably already have the necessary skills.

Plannerly partners with top UKAS certified organizations to provide a complete package of ISO 19650 resources, training, validation, compliance, and support!

Get set to perform ISO 19650 GAP analyses and become an ISO 19650 Auditor!

ISO 19650 BIM Certification
Access ISO 19650 Standards

ISO 19650 Certification

The mark of an organization truly dedicated to the world of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

You can support this industry transition!

Your Benefits:

Become an ISO 19650 Auditor Earn Income
High Value Services

Instantly supercharge your toolkit with two incredibly valuable and highly sought-after services:

1. ISO 19650 GAP Analysis 

2. ISO 19650 Certification Audits

Complete ISO 19650 Support
We Support You

All administration and certifications are expertly handled at our UK headquarters, ensuring seamless management and top-notch quality control.

Become an ISO 19650 Auditor Support AEC Industry
You Support Our Industry

Assist top companies in showcasing their commitment to ISO 19650 compliance and stand out in the world!

Become an ISO 19650 Auditor Access Standards
Access Standards

We provide you access to worldwide standards and resources to expand your professional development.

ISO 19650 Brand
Brand Recognition

We handle all the marketing, driving sales your way, empowering you to instantly provide even greater value to your customers. Get ready to take your business to new heights!

ISO 19650 Opportunities
More Opportunities…

Once you become an ISO 19650 auditor, the world of possibilities opens up! You can dive into training with other industry standards, such as ISO 9001!

Three steps to become a Licensed Associate:

STEP ONE: Get Approved

Email us ( or contact your Plannerly representative to get accepted for the ISO 19650 Licensed Associate Program.

STEP TWO: Get Trained

You get ISO 19650 auditor training, a dedicated Simply Certification email address, marketing resources, audit software account, billing account, access to standards library, and more

STEP THREE: Get Started

Get ready to be featured on the global map of approved ISO 19650 auditors! As a valued member, we also provide you with ISO 19650 leads for you to start your audit process.

ISO 19650 Gap Analysis

ISO 19650 GAP Analysis

You’ll also come across exciting opportunities for teams eager to achieve ISO 19650 certification, but they’re unsure about their readiness for assessment.

Our Gap Analysis not only builds a pipeline of opportunities for you, but also sets a solid foundation for your existing customers to gain their ISO 19650 certification!

Be sure to find out more from our team.


ISO 19650 Certification Audit

1. Getting Started

Customers fill out an online application to begin the process.

They get an online quote in their local currency.

You will be notified to book the “Stage One Assessment” with the client.

The first assessment is a document review to ensure their processes meet the ISO 19650 standards.

Become an ISO 19650 Auditor arrow circle right svgrepo com
Become an ISO 19650 Auditor arrow right 2 svgrepo com

2. The middle bit

Stage Two is a review of the client’s day-to-day operations so that we can collect evidence to demonstrate that working practices on projects are aligned to the standard.

Once complete (and any major nonconformances have been addressed) you simply recommend the client for certification!

3. The ongoing bit

After gaining initial certification, the client’s company name will be added to the global certification log.

To maintain the validity of the certificate, annual surveillance visits are required.

These visits involve assessing a sample of projects to ensure they meet the required standard.

Following each surveillance visit, a 12-month certificate will be issued. 

Become an ISO 19650 Auditor arrange circle 2 svgrepo com
ISO 19650 Certification Importance

The Importance of ISO 19650 Certification

By achieving ISO 19650 certification, organizations showcase their commitment to embracing an internationally recognized standard for Building Information Modelling (BIM).

This not only sets them apart, but also opens doors to lucrative private and public sector construction bids/tenders.

With increasing requirements for ISO 19650 certification, it’s becoming a must-have to qualify and thrive in the industry.

What you get:

Become a Licensed Associate and unlock a treasure trove of invaluable tools, processes, standards, and so much more! 

Licenses Associate Table
ISO 19650 Certification Benefits

ISO 19650 Certification Benefits

📑 Pre-qualification for tenders & contracts

🌟 Positive impact on reputation & brand

🤝 Collaborating with clients & partners

✅ Demonstrating compliance with influencers

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