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BIM management for the next generation!


We help Program Leaders become more efficient teaching BIM and Students to become instantly more employable when they enter the AECO industry.


BIM Management For Education

Three quick videos to explain what the program is, the steps to get started, and how you can optimize the teaching of BIM management.

Program Intro:


How To Get Started:


Teach BIM Management:

BIM Management Courses

Four Simple Steps To Get Started:

  1. Create a free account (use education email)
  2. Watch the SmartLeanBIM® Basics and videos above
  3. Register to be a SmartLeanBIM® Partner
  4. Then Let’s Set Up Your Free Account together!

BIM Management Education Case Studies:

Good practices of using Plannerly in education are recorded in webinars with Victor Arcos at Universidad Católica de Colombia and Petro Karanxha at George Brown College from Canada.

Note: references to “lodplanner” are statements about a previously named version of Plannerly.

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