Five BIM Experts

Here are five design and construction BIM-ers who share their unique experiences about how Building Information Modeling (BIM) has helped them solve problems and perform better in their roles. You’ll get to read in-depth instructional material, as well as some hilarious BIM experiences – some are pretty controversial! 😁

Five Perspectives From Five BIM Experts

These five BIM experts share their different opinions and experiences about implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM).

They make complex BIM ideas seem easy by breaking them down into the simplest terms.

The blogs are based on real people with real stories; however our marketing team does help out with the content ✍️

Blogs are published every week so bookmark the BLOG page ✔︎ and come back to build your knowledge about BIM!

We hope that some of the experiences, practical advice and suggestions will be useful to you!

Read more about their five different perspectives here:

1. Meet Bryan

The 5 BIM Bloggers BIM Manager Bryan CV Resume 1 bim blog

I never went to school for architecture or engineering; I learned everything I know about BIM from watching YouTube tutorials and reading online. I hope you enjoy reading my controversial thoughts on BIM!


2. Meet Nicolas

I’m a Civil Engineering graduate turned openBIM enthusiast. Generally, I claim that better information management can improve your life as well as everyone else’s life around you.


BIM Manager Bio Picture of Nicolas for CV Resume

3. Meet Jennee

BIM Manager Bio Picture of Jennee for CV Resume

Although I had no idea what BIM was when starting my career I’m now a Senior BIM Coordinator! I write about my Lean BIM experiences and adventures – I hope they’ll be helpful to you in some way.


4. Meet Zara

I’m a Regional BIM Manager. I write about multiple practical BIM topics that I hope will make you feel more encouraged to improve your BIM skills.


BIM Manager Bio Picture of Zara for CV Resume

5. Meet Alonso

The 5 BIM Bloggers BIM Manager Alonso CV Resume 1 bim blog

Do you want to learn about what it means to be a BIM techie? Expect my writings to guide you through the latest cutting-edge technologies and standards for your digital transformation.


We are the Five BIM Bloggers!

Every week we share different perspectives on critical BIM topics!

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