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Plannerly is “The BIM Management Platform”.

Plannerly simplifies BIM project management by consolidating BIM standards, requirements, contracting, sequencing, tracking and BIM compliance.

What differentiates Plannerly from traditional BIM management tools is, that it is built on foundations of SmartLeanBIM®: the right BIM, at the right time, by the right people – for the right reasons. It is a common platform for all project stakeholders to co-create, review, comment and approve BIM Execution Plans; define, agree on and assign scope; contract through eSignature; monitor progress and track deliverables; check for BIM compliance and publish models for each project milestone – all in one online application. It is a unique visual tool converting difficult BIM planning processes into modules, categories, sections and tasks that one can simply drag and drop, which makes it fun and easy to use!

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