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BIM Management Plannerly Videos - Tips + Tricks

This BIM video series shares how others are optimizing their BIM management workflows.

The main focus is providing you with the latest tips and tricks to manage your BIM projects more productively!


Intelligent BIM Templates 🧠  

Documents can collect ideas, record thoughts, share messages, checklists, form the basis of a discussion, and ultimately allow a team to collaborate and execute work.

Not many businesses could make it through a day without using documents.

Unfortunately, document challenges can account for a 21.3% loss in productivity! (IDC data)

In the video below, we see how intelligent BIM templates can automate cloud-based document creation and approval workflows:


Machine-Readable BIM Scopes 🤖 

Unfortunately, 96% of engineering and construction data is unused.

The video below talks through the steps to set up a practical framework to define machine-readable BIM requirements. 

We also help establish clear task instructions for teams to simplify the work and add detailed review and approval steps to ensure work is understood prior to contract.

We will show you how to export your BIM scope as PDF, Excel, and IDS XML for IFC (following buildingSMART schema).

We also finish with the bonus tips to show how templates can expedite your workflow.


Tips For Better BIM Contracting 

According to 92 percent of AEC professionals, the BIM Execution Plans (BEP) should be included in the contract.

Ok, so it’s essential to get the BIM scope included in the project contract, but this might be difficult since the scope is always changing.

In fact, 94 percent of AEC professionals from the same group, also shared that the BEP should also be a living document.

But how can you accomplish both of these? 🤔  

Watch the video below to learn how to create project contracts in minutes and keep them living breathing documents!

We also finish with a bonus tip to show how you can automate the workflow to move this data into apps like Procore and PowerBI!


How To Deliver BIM Project Tasks On-Time

For every project, we must know what needs to happen and when.

In this webinar, we demonstrated how using the integrated BIM scoping GRID AND TIMELINE tools allow your teams to manage commitments throughout each project stage better so that everyone knows what must be done and helps ensure that deadlines aren’t missed!

Important Points Covered:

  • Identify the “Customer”
  • Set Milestones/Deliverables
  • Develop Deliverables List
  • Schedule Information Management Tasks
  • Schedule Model Management Tasks
  • Collaborate with multiple teams completing their own schedules
  • Coordinate and Agree
  • Get Answers To These: 10 BIM SCHEDULING QUESTIONS

In the webinar we shared this list of 10 Good BIM Scheduling Questions To Answer”:

  • Do you create a BIM schedule? One schedule or every team has their own?
  • How do you set deadlines? Model submission dates per team, per location?
  • How do you manage your BIM tasks? How often is the schedule updated? Who updates?
  • What does your coordination process look like? Classified as reactive vs proactive?
  • How do your teams know when to start modeling? System/task/element priority?
  • Do you use any Lean BIM Methodologies? Identify + eliminate waste – what is waste?
  • How do modeling teams share progress? How do you know the status of the tasks?
  • How are models submitted for approval? Uploads, notifications?
  • What administrative tasks would you like to optimize? Create/manage schedule?
  • What’s the biggest waste during BIM tasks today?

Can you get answers for all of these from your team?


How To Check BIM Models

  • BIM Checking / BIM Quality Assurance 
  • Software Demo 1: Defining Model Requirements
  • Software Demo 2: Checking Model Quality
  • Six Best Practices For BIM Verification

Six Tips For: How To Simplify Model QA Processes

  • Allocate time for checking
  • Combine tools and process
  • Know what to check against
  • Define a checking workflow
  • Document Properly
  • Implement a feedback loop


The Complete BIM Management Workflow

In this video, we take a look at the complete BIM management workflow.

We start with creating a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), then take a look at how to create and manage BIM tasks, set up a BIM timeline, and finally verify the BIM models!

So now you will be able to plan, procure, track and verify your BIM projects more efficiently!

Good luck in reducing the risk of errors on your projects – by planning early you can certainly feel confident that you’re making the most efficient use of your team’s time!

Three Useful ISO 19650 Resources:



ISO 19650 Training


Explain the ISO 19650 workflow to others with this simple diagram: PDF download

ISO 19650 Workflow Diagram - PDF download

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