A BIM Manager's Perspective to Optimizing BIM Processes with Plannerly A BIM Managers Perspective to implementing Plannerly
A BIM Manager’s Perspective

Hi 👋 my name is Virginija, and I am the founder of BIMhub Lt. I’m a certified BIM manager, and founder of BIMhub Lt.

We assist designer teams and owners in maximizing the potential of BIM processes. To achieve this goal, we rely on the powerful features of Plannerly – let me share how!

Intro 👋

BIM Manager Virginija Reveals the How to Build Efficient Online BEPs with Plannerly

Overcoming Challenges in BIM Implementation

One of the biggest challenges in BIM implementation is educating teams and providing them with more than just a dry BIM Execution Plan (BEP). It is essential to create an interactive and visually appealing database that contains all the necessary know-hows and how-to’s. Plannerly is the perfect solution for this.

Strategies to Boost Your Team’s BIM Performance

Optimizing BIM Workflows

With BIM, there are countless possibilities and various ways to accomplish tasks, which can be overwhelming. My aim is to find the most optimized way for teams to prepare the best models efficiently. This is where Plannerly comes in. The Docs module allows for the creation of sections (or topics) that help teams find important information quickly. By separating BIM Execution Plan requirements from delivery manuals and presenting them in an attractive and easy-to-understand format, Plannerly enhances the team’s ability to locate information and reduces the size of the BIM Execution Plan. This creates a more streamlined workflow and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Interactive BEPs

Enhancing BIM/BEP Learning with Videos

One of the features that my teams appreciate the most are the videos that I can include in different sections using Plannerly. These videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to use various software tools such as BCF Manager in ArchiCAD and Revit. Instead of reading lengthy documents, team members can simply watch the videos and follow along, saving time and improving understanding. This video database serves as a valuable resource for the team, enabling them to work faster and more efficiently.

Interactive Videos (in your BEP) for Team Engagement

In addition to videos, I have also started including how-to sections in Plannerly, where I share information on topics such as different software tips and classifications in Revit. By providing these resources, team members can reduce the time they spend searching for information or preparing models. They have instant access to a mini-database of useful tips and tricks that can optimize their working processes.

Streamlining BIM Team Collaboration with Centralized BEP Feedback

One of the most significant advantages of using Plannerly is the ability to gather feedback and address questions from team members directly within the platform. Instead of resorting to emails and multiple communication channels, everything is centralized within Plannerly. Team members can post their questions, and I can promptly respond, ensuring that information is easily accessible and reducing the chances of miscommunication. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of unity and creates a more efficient workflow within the team.

Simplify Feedback on Your BIM Execution Plan

BEP Format Preferences (online vs pdf)

As for the preferences of our customers, BIMhub Lt primarily works with design teams, including architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers. These professionals appreciate the online environment provided by Plannerly as it allows for smoother collaboration and easy access to vital project information. While some may still prefer printed documents for certain contractual and legal purposes, the majority find the interactive web version of the BIM Execution Plan more convenient and engaging, particularly due to the inclusion of videos and visual resources.

BIM BEP Showdown: Online vs Printed 😃

Visual BIM Scope Documentation is Clearer

Visualizing BIM Requirements Made Easy

Plannerly’s web-based Scoping interface has revolutionized BIM processes by making them more interactive and user-friendly. Unlike traditional excel based documentation, Plannerly offers an intuitive platform with images, interactive feedback, and the ability to add custom elements with pictures. This visual approach enhances comprehension and makes it easier for team members to understand and implement the required tasks, reducing the need for constant support from the BIM manager.

Visual BIM Scopes: A Must-Have for BIM Newbies

Trust in BIM

Trust in BIM

Tailoring BIM Execution Plans to Specific Projects

The customizable nature of Plannerly enables BIM managers to tailor the BIM Execution Plan to specific projects and team needs. By adding information requirements for each element and providing examples and visual aids, teams have a clear and comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done. For example, elements’ identification, IFC types, classification codes, materials, and manufacturers can all be clearly communicated through Plannerly. This visual feedback helps team members save time by avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring the correct implementation of requirements.


Transforming BIM Processes with Plannerly

Achieving AECO Team Collaboration – with Plannerly

Plannerly has transformed the way BIM processes are implemented at BIMhub Lt. By providing a user-friendly and interactive interface, Plannerly enhances communication, streamlines workflow, and empowers teams to make the most of BIM. With features like video integration, customization options, and centralization of information, Plannerly proves to be an invaluable tool for BIM managers and design teams alike.

BEPs, From Neglected to Necessary

The collaborative environment created by Plannerly encourages teamwork, improves understanding, and ultimately leads to better project outcomes – with the team actually reading, engaging and agreeing to the BEP!

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Complete BIM Workflow

3. Answers to some related questions 🤔

What is Plannerly?

Plannerly is a powerful project management platform that enhances BIM processes, allowing design teams and owners to maximize the potential of BIM.

How does Plannerly enhance learning with videos?

Plannerly allows BIM managers to include step-by-step instructional videos in different sections. Instead of reading lengthy documents, team members can watch the videos and follow along, saving time and improving understanding.

How does Plannerly streamline BIM team collaboration?

Plannerly centralizes feedback and questions within the platform, reducing the need for multiple communication channels. BIM managers can provide prompt responses, fostering a sense of unity and creating a more efficient workflow.

How does Plannerly’s visual documentation improve clarity?

Plannerly’s web-based Scoping interface replaces traditional excel-based documentation with a more interactive and user-friendly platform. With images, interactive feedback, and custom elements, team members can better understand and implement required tasks.

How customizable is the BIM Execution Plan in Plannerly?

Plannerly allows BIM managers to tailor the BIM Execution Plan to each project and team’s specific needs. Information requirements, examples, and visual aids can be added, ensuring clear communication and correct implementation of requirements.

How has Plannerly helped BIM processes?

Plannerly improves BIM processes by delivering a user-friendly and interactive interface that streamlines communication and empowers project management teams. Plannerly is a platform where the entire team not only reads, and engages, but also enthusiastically agrees to the BEP!

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