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Enhance the quality of your BIM model with Plannerly’s Verify Module.

Streamline your BIM checks, identify issues effortlessly, foster collaboration, track progress, and achieve remarkable project outcomes!

As the field of construction management continues to evolve, technology plays a vital role in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. One such technological innovation is the Plannerly Verify module. In this article, we will delve into the inner workings of this module to shed light on its purpose and functionalities.

Introduction to the Plannerly Verify Module

The Plannerly Verify module offers design and construction professionals an invaluable tool to ensure that project BIM models meet the required Information Requirement standards and specifications. By leveraging this module, teams can easily identify the completeness, correctness, and compliance of their models, making it an essential component for improving BIM (Building Information Modeling) model quality.

How Does the Plannerly Verify Module Work?

Let’s explore its step-by-step process.

Step 1: Model Submission and Assignment of Tasks

The first step involves the submission of project models by various teams. Each team receives a set of tasks assigned specifically to them. For instance, let’s consider a structural team responsible for creating the model.

Step 2: Evaluating Information Requirements

Once the model submission is complete, team members can evaluate whether the information requirements have been met. This evaluation is crucial in determining the accuracy and completeness of the model. The Plannerly Verify module provides a comprehensive overview of the tasks assigned to the team, enabling them to assess the compliance of their work.

Step 3: Verification and Review

Using the Plannerly Verify module, managers can easily review and verify the tasks completed by the team. They can identify completed tasks that are fully compliant with the information requirements. Furthermore, they can also identify tasks that are incomplete, incorrect, or missing pertinent information.

Step 4: Notifying and Resolving Issues

In case any discrepancies are identified during the verification process, managers can promptly address them. The Plannerly Verify module enables managers to change the status of problematic tasks to indicate the need for fixes. Additionally, managers can communicate with team members by opening tasks and providing relevant comments, thereby facilitating seamless collaboration and issue resolution.

Step 5: Assessing Model Progress

One of the key advantages of the Plannerly Verify module is its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the model’s progress. It enables construction professionals to identify complete, correct, and compliant aspects of the model, as well as highlight elements that are still pending or not yet linked to relevant components. This insight allows teams to gauge the readiness of the model for subsequent stages of the project.

The Importance of the Plannerly Verify Module

The Plannerly Verify module offers several benefits that contribute to the overall improvement of BIM model quality:

1. Enhanced Model Quality Assessment

By utilizing the Plannerly Verify module, construction teams can conduct a thorough assessment of their BIM models. This assessment assists in identifying any gaps, errors, or missing information, ensuring that the model meets the required standards.

2. Early Issue Identification

Identifying issues in BIM models at an early stage is vital to prevent costly errors down the line. The Plannerly Verify module allows teams to quickly pinpoint any incomplete or incorrect elements in the model. By promptly addressing these issues, construction professionals can avoid potential delays, rework, and budget overruns.

3. Improved Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication and collaboration within construction teams are crucial for successful project execution. The Plannerly Verify module facilitates seamless communication between team members and managers. Through task comments and status updates, team members can receive feedback, clarification, and guidance from their managers, leading to enhanced teamwork and productivity.

4. Streamlined Model Progress Evaluation

The Plannerly Verify module offers construction professionals a clear view of the progress made on the project model. This visibility allows teams to identify which aspects are complete and meet the required standards, as well as those that require further attention. By streamlining the evaluation process, Verify enables teams to make informed decisions regarding the readiness of the model for subsequent project stages.


The Plannerly Verify module has revolutionized the way construction professionals assess and verify project models. Its comprehensive features, including model evaluation, issue identification, collaboration tools, and progress tracking, make it an invaluable asset for improving BIM model quality. Construction teams can ensure that their models meet the required standards, leading to enhanced project outcomes, reduced risks, and improved overall efficiency.

If you aim to enhance your construction project’s BIM model quality in the year 2024, considering the integration of Plannerly and its Verify module is an excellent step towards achieving that goal.

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