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Here’s a little intro about me so you can work out if my blogs are worth reading or not ????

About Me:

Hi, I’m Bryan. I am what you might call a “lazy BIM-er” ????

I never went to school for architecture or engineering; I learned everything I know about BIM from watching YouTube tutorials and reading online.

I don’t have the patience to spend hours on end working on one model or project, so I prefer to take shortcuts – anything that will get me by in no more than an hour of work is great!

My favorite part of being a BIM Manager is spending 15 minutes telling everyone how to do their job better, then retiring to my desk for another game of Solitaire ♠️ ♥️ ♣️ ♦️

I will write about my BIM wisdom, experiences, and adventures here – I hope they’ll be helpful to you in some way!

Namaste ????

Fun facts about me:

How did you get into BIM?

I really started using BIM because I felt like it was something that would help me get paid more. No joke. It actually worked too!

What is your BIM experience?

I actually have a lot of BIM experience, in fact. I’ve had the opportunity to work on almost every aspect of BIM! I have embraced the BIM paradigm wholeheartedly. Whether or not any of my ideas are helpful to you, I hope it’s clear that I’m passionate about this subject!

What is your favorite BIM technology?

No! I have no idea where that joke started – I hope that you will find my BIM knowledge a little more useful than my knowledge about finance ????

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