bSDD for AEC Professionals
bSDD for AEC Professionals

Consistency, interoperability, and effective communication are key factors in achieving successful outcomes in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. However, achieving all of this can be quite challenging 😅

Fortunately, adopting common standards can greatly contribute to overcoming these challenges and improving collaboration and efficiency within AEC teams. One such tool that facilitates this is the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) API.

Standardizing Naming and Classification

One major challenge that arises when it comes to collaboration and communication in AEC projects is ensuring that everyone names things correctly and consistently and uses the same conventions for creating content and information properties. This is where the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) comes into play.

Simplifying the Process with Plannerly

To simplify this process, platforms like Plannerly allow users to connect to the buildingSMART Data Dictionary in their project dashboard. By accessing project settings, users can choose the appropriate Classifications and Properties domain.

For example, they can select the Uniclass Classification 2015 and the IFC 4.3 properties domain.

Here’s a quick video showing how this works in practice:

Empowering AEC Teams with bSDD

Enhancing Efficiency with Standardized Structures and Properties

Once these settings are chosen, users can start typing in the desired properties and search the buildingSMART Data Dictionary. This ensures that not only are items correctly named but also properly classified, following the industry standards. The use of standardized classification structures and properties eliminates the need for individual teams to define their own requirements and ensures that everyone follows the same standard.

The Benefits of Adopting Common Standards

The advantages of adopting common standards, such as the buildingSMART Data Dictionary, go beyond just naming and classification. By following industry standards, AEC teams enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and significantly improve efficiency. The adoption of these common standards allows teams to work harmoniously, reducing confusion and facilitating clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Standardization in Data Management

Standardization also plays a crucial role in data management. With a common standard in place, teams can ensure that all properties and names are properly categorized, eliminating the need for extensive manual checks and streamlining data organization. This saves valuable time and resources that can be better utilized in other areas of the project.

Industry-Wide Advantages

The use of common standards also offers long-term advantages for the AEC industry as a whole. It promotes efficiency, consistency, and interoperability across projects, making it easier to exchange information and collaborate with other teams. This industry-wide consistency ultimately leads to faster and smoother project delivery, reducing the chances of errors and costly rework.

Embrace Common Standards for Successful AEC Projects

The importance of adopting common standards in AEC teams cannot be overstated. The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) serves as an invaluable tool. By connecting to the bSDD, teams can ensure standardized naming, classification, and information properties.

The standardization greatly simplifies model checking workflows, and Plannerly’s Verify Module is an excellent tool to streamline this process!

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3. Answers to some related Plannerly/BIM questions 🤔

I’ve also tried to summarize below some answers to the most common questions that I get asked about this subject – I hope you can use them too:

What is the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)?

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is an API connection that AEC professionals use to connect to Classifications and Properties standards like IFC, Uniclass, etc.

How does the bSDD help with collaboration and communication in AEC projects?

The bSDD ensures standardized naming, classification, and information properties, making it easier for teams to work together and communicate effectively.

Can teams connect directly to the bSDD?

Yes, you can connect directly to the bSDD, however tools like Plannerly already have connections to make this easier for users of the platform.

What are the benefits of adopting common standards through bSDD?

Adopting common standards enhances collaboration, streamlines processes, and significantly improves efficiency within AEC projects. It simplifies communication between project teams, stakeholders, and clients, allowing for faster decision-making.

How does standardization in data management save time and resources?

Standardization ensures that all properties and names are properly categorized, eliminating the need for extensive manual checks and then streamlines the setup of BIMs (Building Information Models) and also facilitates automatic checking through tools like Plannerly’s Verify module.

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