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Clive Jordan Interviewed at buildingSMART Summit in Valencia, Spain

Learn how Plannerly, a proud partner of buildingSMART, collaborates to support integrated workflows and create intuitive software for AEC teams worldwide.

By aligning with buildingSMART, Plannerly users can efficiently generate robust Information Delivery Specifications (IDS), removing the reliance on time-consuming Excel spreadsheets and enhancing the organization of project information in the AEC industry.

Read further to explore how buildingSMART and Plannerly are uniting teams to innovate the AEC sector with some amazing schemas, services, software, and certifications!

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Standardizing AEC Workflows with BuildingSMART

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space is a dynamic and diverse industry with teams and professionals spread across different countries.

This diversity brings with it the challenge of standardization!

Each team often has its own set of practices and methodologies, making it difficult to achieve cohesive workflows and leverage the best technologies available.

Promoting Standardization with Plannerly + buildingSMART

At Plannerly, we recognize the importance of standardization in the AEC industry.

We believe that by enabling all teams to adopt common standards, we can promote more integrated workflows and harness the full potential of technology.

That’s why we are proud partners of buildingSMART, an organization that brings people together to facilitate standardization and provides valuable services such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD).

The Power of bSDD from buildingSMART

Efficiency through Integration with the bSDD

One of the key benefits of connecting to the buildingSMART data dictionary is the ability to create more intuitive software for users worldwide.

By leveraging the bSDD, teams can easily generate Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) that can be shared with other software platforms.

This seamless integration makes the user experience smoother by getting rid of the need for tiresome and error-prone manual data entry across multiple Excel spreadsheets.

When teams are standardized using buildingSMART’s protocols and schemas, it eliminates the wasteful duplication of efforts and reduces time-consuming tasks that add no value to our industry.

Empowering Teams with Information Delivery Specifications (IDS)

The buildingSMART Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a powerful workflow that enables teams to define their data requirements at various Milestones of a project.

By using IDS, teams can communicate their needs effectively, ensuring that the right information is produced and available at the right time.

This level of clarity is starting to prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings, which can lead to costly errors and delays.

Facilitating Interoperability with IFC

The buildingSMART schema, IFC, also plays a crucial role in facilitating interoperability between different software platforms.

buildingSMART and Plannerly Partner to Drive Standardization in the AEC Industry bsdd ids ifc bcf plannerly 1

IFC serves as the common language that allows information to flow seamlessly across various AEC disciplines.

By adhering to the IFC schema, teams can exchange and collaborate on data with ease, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Plannerly’s Commitment to Industry Standards

At Plannerly, our partnership with buildingSMART enables us to develop software solutions that align with industry standards and best practices.

By tapping into the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the buildingSMART community, we can create tools that are intuitive, user-friendly, and cater to the specific needs of AEC professionals worldwide.

By embracing Plannerly’s toolset, following buildingSMART’s standards, teams can unlock numerous benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Collaboration: Standardization fosters effective collaboration among different teams and stakeholders. By speaking a common language and adhering to consistent processes, communication barriers are eliminated, and coordination becomes seamless.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Standardized workflows reduce inefficiencies caused by duplicate work, manual data entry, and information discrepancies. As a result, teams can operate more efficiently, making better use of their time and resources.
  3. Mitigated Risks: Standardization minimizes the occurrence of errors and misunderstandings. By following established protocols and using standardized data formats, teams can significantly reduce the risk of costly mistakes and rework.
  4. Accelerated Innovation: Standardization creates a foundation for innovation and the adoption of new technologies. When teams are aligned with common standards, they can easily integrate new tools and solutions, driving advancements in the AEC industry as a whole.
  5. Global Compatibility: Standardization enables seamless collaboration on a global scale. Regardless of location or native language, teams can work together seamlessly by adhering to established standards and leveraging interoperable technologies.

Our Opportunity

Our AEC industry can thrive on collaboration, efficiency, and innovation!

Standardization plays a vital role in bringing together diverse teams and enabling them to work cohesively with the best technologies available.

buildingSMART, with its commitment to standardization and its valuable services like the bSDD, IFC, and IDS, empowers the industry to achieve its full potential.

At Plannerly, we are proud partners of buildingSMART and are dedicated to creating software solutions that support standardized workflows, enhance user experiences, and drive positive change in the AEC industry.

Together, with buildingSMART, we can build a future where teams seamlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate towards shared success!

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3. Answers to some related questions 🤔

What is Plannerly’s role with buildingSMART in the AEC sector?

Plannerly collaborates with buildingSMART to support integrated workflows and develop intuitive software for AEC teams worldwide.

How does aligning with buildingSMART benefit Plannerly users?

Aligning with buildingSMART benefits Plannerly users by enabling seamless interoperability and collaboration within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. It promotes standardized communication and data exchange through openBIM principles, improving project efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing overall project outcomes.

What are the key benefits of integrating with the buildingSMART data dictionary?

Integrating with the buildingSMART data dictionary enables Plannerly to create more intuitive software for global users, simplifying the generation and sharing of IDS across platforms.

How does the buildingSMART Information Delivery Specification (IDS) empower teams?

The IDS workflow enables teams to define data requirements at project milestones, ensuring effective communication and timely availability of necessary information, thus reducing errors and delays.

What role does the buildingSMART schema, IFC, play in interoperability?

Between software platforms by providing a common language for seamless data exchange and collaboration across AEC disciplines.

How does Plannerly ensure industry standards and best practices?

Plannerly’s partnership with buildingSMART allows the development of software solutions aligned with industry standards, leveraging community expertise to create user-friendly tools for AEC professionals.

Why is standardization important for the AEC sector?

Standardization fosters effective collaboration, reduces inefficiencies, mitigates risks, accelerates innovation, and enables global compatibility, leading to enhanced industry performance and growth.

How do Plannerly and buildingSMART support the future of the AEC industry?

Plannerly and buildingSMART’s commitment to standardization, with valuable services like bSDD, and specifications like IDS, empower the industry to achieve its full potential by promoting collaboration, efficiency, and innovation for shared success.

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