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In my blog, I’ll argue that better information management might improve your life as well as the BIM community and everyone else’s around you!

About Me:

I am Nicolas, a Civil Engineering graduate turned openBIM enthusiast.

BIM is something that is bringing change to our industry and it’s an extremely exciting time for many BIM Managers!

However, I believe that we must break down the interoperability barriers for all software programs in order to achieve maximum advancement.

I use lots of BIM acronyms like IFC, BCF, CDE, EIR, BEP, and AIR. However, I believe that BIM is not a buzzword but an approach that will help us build better buildings more efficiently.

See ya!

Fun facts about me:

How did you get into BIM?

I don’t think I understood the true meaning of “BIM” until a couple of years ago when an opportunity arose to work using openBIM within a practice. You could say that my career has been defined by change – from being a Civil Engineering graduate to later training as a BIM Technician and finally seeing the openBIM light.

What is your BIM experience?

I started my BIM journey back in 2010 when I was still an undergraduate student. At this time, we were spending lots of time doing structural analysis – I hadn’t really heard about Revit or ArchiCAD. As soon as I saw the power of BIM I was hooked! Upon finishing university, I struggled to find a job but it seemed that I was destined to use BIM in my work from the start.

What is your favorite BIM technology?

I have really enjoyed using Vico Office in the past. Recently I have started using BlenderBIM – it’s amazing!

I blog for the Five BIM Bloggers series.

Every week we share different perspectives on important BIM topics!

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