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The SmartLeanBIM® Partner Program

For Educators, Consultants, Resellers and Super Cool People.

We believe that you are extremely important in helping our industry achieve a massive digital transformation!

A SmartLeanBIM® Partnership is a high-value relationship between Plannerly, individuals, institutions and companies who share common digital transformation goals.




You’ll hear everything first.

You’ll get access to a demo account.

You’ll get early access to Plannerly updates.

You’ll receive an invite to the Customer Advisory Board.


You’ll be able to enroll in a free SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Training.

Accreditation means you can then get paid for training others in the BIM community.

You will also get your calendar connected to the Plannerly appointment setting workflow.


Free software for your educational institutions.

Heavily discounted Plannerly consultant license for your business. 

You will also have the option to financially benefit from building a better industry together. 

Partner Options:

Register for the SmartLeanBIM® Partner Program Plannerly Education Program Plannerly Partner Program


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Free Education Account for 100 students.

Free BIM 360 integration.

Plannerly BIM Masterclass


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Get accredited to teach the SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass – this provides two main benefits.

One: industry recognition in the BIM community

Two: the accreditation allows you to gain revenue from delivering this structured program and also from the companies purchasing software following attendance on the program.

Register for the SmartLeanBIM® Partner Program Plannerly Referral Program 1 Plannerly Partner Program


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Earn money from your Plannerly referals.

Low-touch SmartLink strategy.

Optional custom promo code for your customers.

Get paid for free signups – then more for Paid conversions later. 

ISO 19650 Team


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Help lead the standardization of BIM workflows worldwide.

The ISO 19650 templates review team provides feedback to continuously improve the standards available to everyone!

Learn more in the ISO 19650 webinar series here.

Register for the SmartLeanBIM® Partner Program Webinar screen Plannerly Partner Program


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Host your own SmartLeanBIM® Management webinar – or even a full webinar series!

Plannerly provides co-branded slides, setup and post production video editing.

You bring a smile ???? and a few of your closest BIM friends – we invite our users to your event!

BIM Translation Partner


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Simple approach to add your local standards, classification and/or language to Plannerly.

Our shared goals:
  • Support BIM communities to bring BIM standards from around the world closer together
  • Provide BIM communities the ultimate design and construction experience through the use of better BIM management workflows
  • Provide continuous communication, feedback and opportunities for improvement of your SmartLeanBIM® community
  • Help all teams become passionate advocates for SmartLeanBIM®
What we do for you:
  • SmartLeanBIM® Partner certification 
  • Optional Discounted Consultant License
  • Free Plannerly demo account
  • Free Education Account
  • Free BIM 360/ACC integration for Education account
  • Free BIM Management webinar series materials, setup, marketing and operation
  • FreeSmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Training
  • Free SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Accreditation 
  • Plannerly SmartLeanBIM® Partner branding/logos
  • Add you to the Partner Map with links to your services and calendar
  • Promote your BIM/VDC/Information Management services
  • Provide access to the Plannerly portal
  • Provide access to videos, images, blogs and social media collateral
  • Provide a low touch referral process and pay you commissions 
  • Collaborate on Plannerly social media
What you do for us:
  • Share experience using Plannerly and ideas for improvement
  • Active participation in app localization
  • Collaborate on social media
  • Create tutorials, videos and case studies
  • Create a local BIM Execution Plan Template 
  • Add links on your website
  • Others as mutually beneficial and agreed 


In no event shall Plannerly be liable for special, incidental, exemplary, consequential or punitive damages, including, without limitation, any damages resulting from loss of profits, loss of business or loss of goodwill arising out of or in connection with this agreement, whether or not such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The Partner agreement can be terminated by either party at any point without prior notice.

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