The BIM schedule that teams build together

Multi-team task sequencing and collaboration provided 53% fewer coordination issues (read the case study)

It’s time to take control of your BIM management tasks.

Traditional project management schedules tend to get ignored and can be cumbersome to manage – it’s time for a team-based BIM scheduling approach to help assign accountability for tasks and get BIM done!


Drag n Drop BIM   Drag n Drop

Drag and drop to assign to Teams and/or more detailed Team Member assignments.

BIM Schedule Editing   Real-time Online Editing

Let task teams use simple browser based task editing to prioritize their work for clash-avoidance rather than for clash-detection and remove hours of rework from your BIM schedule.


BIM Task Dependencies   Define Dependencies

Capture logic between tasks to show relationships on the schedule.

Pull Planning Cards   Print Task Cards

Print tasks for in-person pull planning and Lean design management workflows





Visual Task Map

Visually map out the BIM tasks along with all of the other important project planning tasks.

Create Clarity for the BIM schedule

Allow teams to use the original project scope to quickly create clarity on your project.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Task teams in multiple locations work at the same time on the same schedule using their own filtered views.  

Performance Scheduling

A modern and high performance scheduling interface with lot’s of drag-n-drop!

Powerful Filtering

Filter for Team, Team Member, Milestone, Status and Due Dates! Filters remain persistent for Track and Verify modules too!

Distributed Task Management

Allow Task Teams to do the hard work setting durations and task sequence. Then simply manage the importnant interferences.

Accuracy When Required

Zoom from milliseconds to a year, completely customizable zoom levels make it simple to see exactly what you need.

Works On Your Fave Browser

Apple or Microsoft? It doesn’t matter, our scheduler works the same on Safari, Chrome and many other browsers.

Simple User Interface

We focus every day on how we can move towards zero training. We optimize every step.

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