BIM Checking saves at least 2 resources per project
Saving Costs for BIM Checking and Eliminating QA Teams?

Learn how Hitech Digital, a company serving the AEC industry, uses Plannerly to optimize their BIM check workflow and improve quality and cost optimization.

Traditional QC personnel? No longer needed. By using Plannerly, Hitech Digital has eliminated the need for between 2 and 3 QC team members on their new projects.

In this interview, they share how they reduced their costs and can now focus on delivering better projects faster! 🚀

🎥 Intro to Hitech Digital

With over 1500 employees, Hitech Digital primarily works with software like Revit and SolidWorks. Hitech Digital shares their remarkable journey from 2D to 3D modeling, such as coordination, clash detection, and accurate BOQs.

Who is Hitech Digital: Experts in BIM Software

By using the Plannerly platform, they have streamlined their BIM check process, eliminated the need for dedicated QC personnel, and improved collaboration among team members. In this interview, the team shares their positive experiences with Plannerly and their plans to further expand its usage in the next twelve months.

The Power of BIM and the Benefits of Using Plannerly

In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become more and more common.

90% of work done using BIM

BIM is a digital process that allows professionals to create, manage, and exchange information throughout the entire life cycle of a building project. It combines a 3D model (of architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems) and information about the building to enable better coordination and collaboration among teams.

In a recent interview with representatives from Hitech Digital, a company that specializes in BIM services, they discussed their experiences with BIM and the benefits of using Plannerly, a project collaboration and quality management platform for BIM projects.

The interview highlighted the advantages of BIM and how Plannerly has enhanced their workflow and improved project outcomes.

The Journey to BIM

Hitech Digital, with its 1500 employees, primarily serves the AEC industry, utilizing software like Revit and SolidWorks.

They offer services such as managing projects with BIM, detailing, and drawings. They started using BIM about 15 years ago, shifting from traditional 2D AutoCAD workflows to the advantages that BIM offered.

The transition to BIM allowed them to improve coordination, clash detection, and the accuracy of quantity takeoffs (BoQs).

They recognized the value of having a single, coordinated model that could assist in identifying clashes early on, ultimately reducing errors, delays, and costs.

Today, they work primarily in Revit, with only a small portion of their clients still using AutoCAD.

The Early Experiences with BIM

Some of their first experiences with BIM they were tasked with creating shop drawings from the model using Revit, and it was a revelation for them.

What Was Your First BIM Experience?

The ability to see clashes in the model and visualize the entire building in 3D provided greater clarity for the construction process.

They noted that it was their “awe moment” when they could visually comprehend all the different perspectives and coordinate various departments working on a project.

Solving Problems and Delivering Better Solutions

Solving problems with BIM improved their collaboration and project outcomes. Identifying clashes early on and using the clash detection benefits of BIM allowed them to mitigate construction issues that could lead to project delays, increased costs, and compromised quality.

Successful BIM Verification Workflows

They discovered that by addressing these challenges proactively, they were able to deliver better solutions to their clients and establish a reputation for quality and efficiency.

Introducing Plannerly and Overcoming Skepticism

Hitech Digital decided to incorporate Plannerly into their workflow, primarily for BIM model quality management. Initially, they were skeptical about how to set information requirements and how the auto-checking verification tools in Plannerly would work.

They were curious about the automation of the verification process and how it would check the parameters they added in the BIM scope for each element.

However, once they started testing and using Plannerly internally, they found that it far exceeded their expectations!

BIM Checking Automation Shows Massive Cost Savings

Plannerly streamlined their quality checking process and eliminated the need for more than one dedicated quality control (QC) person, resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiency.

Automated BIM Quality Checking (saves 2 or 3 people!)

The automated verification tools and checklists ensured that modeling errors were caught and corrected more accurately and quickly.

The Hitech Digital team expressed their great satisfaction with Plannerly’s ability to optimize their workflow and massively reduce hours spent on manual checking.

Using BIM Checking to Impress Clients 🚀

The Benefits of Using Plannerly

Plannerly offered several distinct advantages for Hitech Digital. It facilitated better coordination and communication with clients and team members, ensuring that everyone was on the same page regarding project standards, checkpoints, and documentation.

BIM: Breaking Barriers in Client Communication

Unlike traditional methods involving Excel checklists and manual coordination, Plannerly provided a centralized platform for sharing project information, identifying errors, and assigning tasks.

Traditional vs Plannerly

The Hitech Digital team praised Plannerly’s ability to reduce errors, improve quality, and provide better clarity throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The Future with Plannerly

Looking ahead, Hitech Digital plans to expand their usage of Plannerly and bring more team members, both from their side and their clients’ side, onto the platform.

Engaging All Team Members

The goal is to enhance coordination among larger teams and ensure that everyone is working with the same reference points and standards.

The team will be exploring additional CDE (Common Data Environment) features related to file management, indicating their confidence in the platform’s potential for continuous improvement.

Final Thoughts on BIM and Plannerly

The interview with Hitech Digital showcases the power and benefits of BIM in the AEC industry. BIM enables better coordination, reduces errors, and improves project outcomes.

Plannerly, as a project collaboration and quality management platform, enhances the advantages of BIM by providing a centralized platform for collaboration, error detection, and task assignment.

The representatives from Hitech Digital highly recommended Plannerly for its ability to optimize workflows, improve quality, and ensure effective coordination among team members.

Satisfied customers who highly recommend Plannerly

As technology continues to evolve, the AEC industry can expect further advancements in BIM and related tools like Plannerly. These innovations will enable professionals to achieve even greater efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver higher-quality projects.

The journey with BIM and Plannerly is a continuous learning experience, providing professionals with the tools and capabilities they need to navigate the complex challenges of the construction industry.

Keeping BEP, Project Scope, Information Requirements and Model Deliverables together

Will you be able to enhance BIM quality while simultaneously reducing the time spent on quality checking?

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3. Answers to some related questions 🤔

What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, which is a digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics.

How does BIM improve project outcomes?

BIM improves project outcomes by enabling better coordination, reducing errors, and enhancing communication among team members.

What is Plannerly?

Plannerly is a project collaboration and quality management platform that enhances the benefits of BIM by providing a centralized platform for collaboration, error detection, and task assignment.

Can Plannerly streamline the quality checking process?

Absolutely! Plannerly makes quality checking a breeze with its powerful tools that allow you to both specify BIM/Information Requirements and automate the BIM check/verification process, ensuring accurate and useful BIM deliverables first time!

How can Plannerly benefit coordination and communication with clients and team members?

Plannerly facilitates better coordination and communication by providing a centralized platform for sharing project information, requirements, assigning tasks, identifying errors, communicating the fixes, and making payment for work complete!

What are the advantages of using Plannerly over traditional methods?

The advantages of using Plannerly include reduced errors, improved quality, better clarity, and a centralized platform for project management instead of using Excel checklists, Word documents, and manual (reactive) coordination workflows.

How do BIM consultants achieve cost savings with Plannerly?

By utilizing Plannerly’s automated verification tools and eliminating the need for multiple quality control personnel. The team at Hitech Digital has achieved significant cost savings by reducing their QC teams from between 1 to 3 people, down to ZERO!

Can Plannerly improve file management within a project?

Yes, Plannerly now offers Common Data Environment (CDE) features related to file management, providing an all-in-one solution for BIM teams in the AEC industry!

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