ISO 19650 Standards – 1 Hour Crash Course

Video Recording 🎥 PLUS 7 x ISO 19650 Resources! 

Watch this ISO 19650 Standards Crash Course to find out about what ISO 19650 is, why we should care about ISO 19650 standards and get access to seven of the best ISO 19650 learning resources.

Thanks to the Supply Chain Sustainability School for hosting this webinar!


In the webinar recording below you will find out about:

  1. Why you should care about ISO 19650 standards
  2. What is ISO 19650
  3. Links to the seven best ISO 19650 learning resources

🌐 ISO 19650 STANDARDS Crash Course 

(Webinar Recording)


To help implement the ISO 19650 standards here are five top resources you should consider using.

1) Buy the ISO 19650 Standards

It’s an obvious one but a very important one!

Whilst not everyone in your company needs a copy or even needs to read every page, we recommend that you buy the relevant ISO 19650 standards 👍

🌐 PART 1 Concepts and principles: ISO 19650-1 2018

🌐 PART 2 Delivery phase of the assets: ISO 19650-2:2018

🌐 PART 3 Operational phase of the assets: ISO 19650-3:2020

🌐 PART 4 Information exchange: ISO/CD 19650-4: UNDER DEVELOPMENT

🌐 PART 5 Security-minded approach to information management: ISO 19650-5:2020

🌐 PART 6 / ISO 19650-6 / PAS 1192-6:2018 Health and Safety: PAS AVAILABLE  

Buy the ISO 19650 Standards


There are some great YouTube videos about ISO 19650 standards – here are three channels that provide regular videos related to ISO 19650:

  1.  BSI Group
  2. BIM Management Platform
  3. UK BIM Alliance

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ISO 19650 Standards

3) Learn about ISO 19650 standards using the UK BIM Framework Guidance

The UK BIM Framework does an amazing job at creating guidance for the ISO 19650 standards.

You can access links to all of the latest guidance documents on this “what is ISO 19650” page and also directly on the UK BIM Framework website. 

ISO 19650 standards using the UK BIM Framework Guidance

4) Get structured ISO 19650 standards training

Seeking professional training will help build capability and increase awareness about the ISO 19650 standards and workflow within your company.

There are many alternatives – here are some ISO 19650 training options that we like:

  1. Operam Academy
  2. BIM Design Hub
  3. BRE Academy
  4. BSI Group
  5. Lloyd’s Register
Get structured ISO 19650 standards training

5) Download a simple ISO 19650 standards workflow document in pdf and PNG FORMATS

Sometimes standards can be challenging to understand 🤔  

We like to simplify everything!

Here is a download for the ISO 19650 workflow along with 6 videos to explain the workflow in more detail:

Download a simple ISO 19650 standards workflow document in pdf

This 6 episode webinar series explains each part of the ISO 19650 standards with examples.

The presenters also show some great BIM management best practices being used by teams today.

    Webinar series about ISO 19650 standards

    7) USE THE ISO 19650 Standard TEMPLATES

    Use the free ISO 19650 templates inside the Plannerly (BIM Management) app 

    ISO 19650 Standards and templates

    The templates are managed by more than 200 teams from nearly 50 countries.

    If you are interested, you will also have the opportunity to join the ISO 19650 Templates team.

    ISO 19650 Standards Support from around the world


    The ISO 19650 standards are critical for information management and they are being implemented by many countries around the world

    The ISO 19650 standards and workflow help owners to more accurately specify project requirements for BIM.

    Teams are also able to more easily follow and automatically check BIM / 3D models against the original requirements. 

    So if you haven’t already – it’s time to start implementing a unified approach to information management on your projects!

    👉 If you would like to learn more – watch the ISO 19650 webinar series 

    👉 and download the ISO 19650 Workflow Diagram here: 



    Information Manager Training following ISO 19650

    ISO 19650 Training

    NEW Information Manager Training:

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