SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass BIM Management Masterclass

Online BIM Management Training

A simple and quick online education series for your company to get true value from BIM.

BIM certification courses online are a quick and easy way for your team to gain practical BIM management knowledge.

SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Program:

SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Free BIM Training 1


Get your company branded account with all features for the Masterclass duration

SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass Learn BIM


Online BIM management training with a local SmartLeanBIM® Partner

SmartLeanBIM® Masterclass BIM Certified


Receive your SmartLeanBIM® certificate after attending classes

*All Masterclasses (BIM online courses) come with a free branded company account and include all Plannerly features and as many free licenses as you need for your team. The maximum payment for all four training sessions is $150 however all training is completely free if you are a current customer or if you purchase any paid plan at the end of your masterclass.

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