Simplifying Project Document Organization, Control, and Collaboration - with Plannerly Document Access Control
Controlling AEC Document Access to Secure Project Data

Check out how Plannerly improves AEC project document management to boost efficiency and security! With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Plannerly offers seamless collaboration AND controlled access!

Effective Project Document Organization

Plannerly streamlines project document organization using tabs, each representing a unique document. This approach is simple, intuitive, and enables quick control over your documents. By assigning specific permissions to each tab, you can determine which teams have access to relevant content, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Watch this video to see how simple it is for teams to manage access to each document in the Plannerly Docs module:

Document Access Control for AEC Project Security

Effortless Access Control and Streamlined Team Management

Simplify team access management by creating multiple teams and assigning roles and responsibilities within your project. With Plannerly, you have the flexibility to grant or restrict permissions for each document tab, ensuring the right teams have the required access while safeguarding confidential information. Seamlessly tailor document access to match your project needs.

Enhanced Collaboration with External Stakeholders

Plannerly facilitates seamless collaboration with external stakeholders. External parties can access project documents and confidential tabs remain invisible to them, ensuring enhanced information security while promoting efficient collaboration with clients and other stakeholders.

Balancing Document Security and Collaboration

Our document permission features strike the ideal balance between safeguarding sensitive project information and enabling effective collaboration. By granting access to authorized teams and restricting it from unauthorized ones, you can protect confidentiality and maintain tight control over document visibility.

Remember, don’t plan late, plan early with Plannerly!

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What is the aim of the free certified BIM management training course?

The aim of the free certified BIM management training course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage BIM projects and lead BIM teams in a digital built environment. This course is highly beneficial for professionals from all areas of the construction industry, including project and construction managers, architects, engineers and facility managers. It will also help participants understand the benefits of implementing BIM strategies and how to successfully create and manage a successful BIM implementation process.

How can I register for the free certified BIM management training course?

You can easily register for the free certified BIM management training course by visiting the following link: Link

How does Plannerly ensure document security and collaboration?

Plannerly provides a seamless document permission management system, enabling you to grant access to authorized teams and restrict it from unauthorized ones. This ensures optimal privacy, tight control over document visibility, and balanced collaboration throughout the project.

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