Simplifying BIM Management

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Our team loves simple, beautiful, but powerful software.

With each software update, we focus on adding more features and, at the same time, removing complexity.

In the video below, we walk through multiple features on the BIM Management Platform that will make a BIM Manager’s life much more straightforward – which one is your favorite?

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Managing Multiple BIM/ISO 19650 Documents Securely

Exceptional information management requires multiple documents/resources.

These range from EIR (Exchange Information Requirements) to BEP (BIM Execution Plans) to Mobilization Plans.

All documents must be created, collaborated on, and agreed to between multiple parties, all working on the same project, often in entirely different companies.

The management, control and security of so many documents can become a challenge. 


With the Plan module, it is now simple to secure all of your critical documents in individual tabs within the same project and control security for which teams have access to each:

Manage your BEP and EIR together using a Flexible and Secure Document Access

Version History For EIR / BEP etc

Hey, we know things change!

However, when change occurs, it is vital to track, manage and control it.

Managing change within unstructured data (using Word or Google Docs type tools) can get complicated.

Changes tend to get mixed up all over the document, and it is not clear which parts are still in progress vs. which are published and authorized for use.

What’s more, keeping everything in a single document (a large batch of information) can also delay the critical approvals of EIR and BEPs significantly.


Plannerly’s Plan module structures your documents in reusable units of thought called Plan “Sections”.

These Sections are created, managed, edited and controlled independently for collaboration, status, comments and can be reused at any time as a template to start a new project.

Every Section update made by any team member is automatically tracked.

This automatic change management process displays each unit of thought’s progression and saves this within a single manageable container.

Managers can compare changes and also quickly restore just one section of the document, to any previous version, without affecting the other sections:

Complete BIM Execution Plan Version History

New Scope View Preferences

For BIM, the agreement of who does what, when, and how much is mission-critical.

One challenge with achieving this is that scoping the right BIM per project stage can involve many parties.

Without clear assignments and understanding the status of each task (per team), it can sometimes be impossible to get genuine agreement.


The Scope module uses images to communicate quickly however, teams can now view not just the detailed requirements but also the critical Task Status directly in the scope grid.

Teams can also maximize space with the new Compact View to review more tasks at the same time:

See BIM Planning Scope Status View Preferences

Compact View and Task Status are also available as a new PDF Export too! ????

Find and Manage Unscoped Tasks

We’re all human, and sometimes we forget something.

Sometimes we miss a simple task that must be completed by another team, an item that wasn’t on a checklist, or a system or element type that is just missing from the model.

Forgetting once can be managed; however, there can be no excuse for this to occur a second time on your next project!


When reviewing lessons learned, quickly toggle on and study any unscoped tasks that were added mid-project.

Seeing these initially “unscoped” tasks in the Scope module means that you can now seamlessly and continuously improve your Scope templates with each project.

Simply by dragging the things you missed into your template, you will be ready for the next project:

Show Unscoped BIM Elements (with LOD) and Items

Search and Filter Your BIM Scope

Let’s face it, some project scopes can be hundreds of lines long and there’s never enough time to find what we need.

You often find yourself having to present during an important client meeting or directly to another team.

You want to remove all confusion and have teams understand precisely what scope they are responsible for.

Oh, and all of this should be easy – right?!?


The Scope module shows tasks, deliverables, documents, models, systems, elements – anything you need to make the scope clear – and visual.

The scope can also be filtered by team, task status or folder so that you are reviewing or presenting only the relevant scope:

Simple Filtering of your BIM Scope

New filter options are also available for PDF Exports ????

Faster Editing Of BIM Scope

When you must get something done we can not have technology slowing you down.

Dealing with many thousands of BIM requirements you will need to make updates quickly.


The Scope module helps you create and edit the titles and coding hierarchies of Folders, Groups, Elements or Items fast:

Simple editing of BIM scope names in BIM classification

Flexible Geometry Requirements

Dealing with geometry in groups can save time.

That’s great until something doesn’t fit the standard.

When that happens teams require flexibility to cater for every situation. 


Controlling requirements per Element or by Group can help to create more precise scope assignments and make it clearer for teams to understand:

Create Flexible LOD requirements for BIM Elements

Printing YOUR BEP, EIR, MIDP and more

No matter how much we do online there is still a need to print a simple PDF.

Those exported EIR, BEP etc PDFs must be formatted quickly, repeatably and efficiently.


When you print a PDF using the Export options the results are now even more visual and fit additional information on each page.

Printing SCOPE documents is also 3.5 times faster!

Print BIM Scope to PDF


We hope that some of these improvements are helping your teams operate more efficiently.

We are here to continue making the ISO 19650 workflow even more simple by adding more ISO 19650 templates and more awesome features!

In addition to these improvements above lookout for the next updates to the Plan, Schedule and Verify modules!

Some bonus improvements you may also notice is that your Scope module is now 6 times faster when creating, editing or importing large scopes ???? 

Please let us know what you think about these recent improvements and what you would like to see next…

Which improvement will you try first?

New BIM Management videos, templates and tips are added to this BIM BLOG WEEKLY!

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