BIM Management and BIM Execution Planning (BEP) interview ????

BIM Execution Planning can be the backbone of any successful project in the AEC industry; however, it does not come without some challenges.

Proper implementation requires multiple teams who can have their own approach and BIM goals for how the Building Information Modeling should be executed.

In this interview, we hear how BIM teams can align expectations while cutting the administration nightmares that many BIM Managers experience.

Teams can then focus on the essential coordination processes and management of digital information and assets for the project.

Chetna shares that Plannerly is a platform that can not just replace your traditional BIM Execution Plan (BEP) but also offers much more to help BIM Managers focus on creating value through the essential coordination and management of digital assets and information on projects!

Listen in to the podcast or watch the interview YouTube video here:

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???? Interview Key Takeaways

Chetna emphasizes that every process requires a management system, but traditionally, BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) have been challenging to manage with separate documents and excel sheets.

These processes and documents are vital for defining the methods, scope, responsibilities, modeling schedules, and other project requirements.

There is also an additional layer of Standards, National Annexes, LOD/Responsibility Matrix, appendices, and addendums required.

With so much information to manage and many moving pieces, collaboration can be a challenge.

This is why teams gravitate towards a structured workflow to help them manage information between projects consistently and effectively.

With the right tools, BEP templates and processes, teams can precisely understand what BIM scope and procedures are being agreed to and why.

So, instead of using static PDF documents and excel files for BIM Execution Planning, we recommend using a dedicated BIM management platform like Plannerly! ????

About BIMWize:

BIMWize are a rapidly growing Building Information Management studio offering BIM execution planning consultancy all around the globe. Their BIM experts provide custom solutions for many BIM needs. From providing training on BIM authoring tools to helping your company create a custom BIM Execution Planning workflow.

About The BIM Student:

The BIM Student podcast creates awareness about BIM and Digital Transformation in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) Industry. All content produced is online, openly accessible in different forms like Anchor and YouTube and can be used by anyone worldwide.

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