Streamlining BIM Management with Plannerly by Stephen Au - BIM Management Case Study
Stephen Au, MTECH BIM Management Case Study

Many teams get frustrated when they try to start a new BIM project. The problem is figuring out what work needs to be done, making a plan, setting realistic goals, and getting everyone’s contracts in order. This process can take a long time if you’re not prepared, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Stephen Au, Managing Director at MTECH Engineering, shares how his team is 80% faster using Plannerly to set up and check their BIM projects. Read on!

1) The Challenges of BIM Projects

Starting a new BIM project is a complex process that involves defining the scope of work, writing up the BIM Execution Plan, scheduling tasks and resources, and getting everyone contracted.

This process typically takes a long time, or is ignored altogether, leading to projects that start off on the wrong foot 😖

2) Optimizing BIM Project Start-Up – BIM Management Case Study

Stephen Au, Managing Director at MTECH Engineering, and his team use Plannerly (The BIM Management Platform), on every project, to streamline their project start-up process and control BIM compliance.

“Using Plannerly on our projects, we are 80% faster”

Stephen Au, Managing Director at MTECH Engineering

With Plannerly, they are able to define the scope of work, write up the BIM Execution Plan (BEP), schedule tasks and resources, and engage the project team in just 20 days.

This is much better than the over 90 days it took before 😃

With Plannerly, MTECH could easily design a plan that included everyone’s goals and tasks to make sure all contractual requirements were fulfilled.

MTECH teams are able to more quickly and easily run BIM kickoffs, saving time and resources that can now be allocated elsewhere.

Users can also monitor the project progress for their information requirements quickly, so everybody involved knows what’s expected of them and they can deliver on time.

The MTECH team also found that it helped to reduce the chance of mistakes and made it more likely that the project would be successful.

3) The Benefits of Using Plannerly

Using Plannerly, Stephen Au and his team were nearly 80% faster in getting their BIM projects up and running.

The platform’s out-of-the-box templates and tools helped to streamline the project start-up process and ensure the engagement of more than 100 project executives and engineers.

The return on investment (ROI) of using a platform like Plannerly is high. By reducing the time and resources needed for starting a project, teams can finish projects faster and more efficiently.

This improves the projects, makes clients happy, and makes more money for the company.


Plannerly helps MTECH to reduce the time taken to define scopes of work, write up BIM Execution Plans, schedule tasks and resources, and engage the project teams, resulting in faster project start-up, improved BIM compliance, and reduced project costs.

The team now starts every project with Plannerly 🥳

BIM Management Case Study

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2. The Complete BIM Management Workflow [VIDEO] 🎥

Here’s a video you might find valuable 😍 – it covers the complete BIM management workflow:

Complete BIM Workflow

3. Answers to some related BIM questions 😃

Below are some answers to some common questions:

What is Plannerly?

Plannerly is a BIM management platform that helps teams streamline project start-up processes, contracting and BIM compliance. It enables teams to define the scope of work, write up the BIM Execution Plan, schedule tasks and resources, engage the project team more efficiently, and automatically check BIM models against the contracted requirements.

How does Plannerly help teams with BIM projects?

Plannerly has free templates (for EIR, BEP, AIR (etc.)) to help teams reduce the time taken to define the scope of work, write up the BIM Execution Plan, schedule tasks and resources, engage the project team, and auto-check the BIM models. This leads to 80% faster project start-up times, improved collaboration among team members, and reduced project costs.

Do I need to purchase a license for Plannerly?

Plannerly has a free product that you can use to find out more about the platform and try it out. When ready, you can choose a plan in the app to use more features.

What are the benefits of using Plannerly?

The main reason to use Plannerly is that it helps groups work together on BIM projects more quickly, cheaply, and without as many mistakes. It also makes it easier for team members to stay in touch and know what is happening with the project, which usually leads to a better result.

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