🌐 ISO 19650 Explained In Five Minutes

The video 🎥  below is from a talk explaining ISO 19650 for the US 🇺🇸 BIM market.

We explain why ISO 19650 is important for teams in the USA, what ISO 19650 is and share some resources to get started.

Thanks go out to the group of around 200 people at this online BIM (Building Information Modeling) conference by USC!

???????? Why should the USA care about ISO 19650?

There are many excellent BIM standards and guidelines in the US and worldwide. However, the newest, most prevalent, and most developed is the “ISO 19650 series” (watch more video intros here).

With the adoption of ISO 19650 in multiple countries (at a government level) and support from crucial BIM leadership groups, ISO 19650 is becoming the global BIM standard. 

Some key points about the ISO 19650 standard: 

  • ISO 19650 outlines the concepts and principles for information management (BIM)
  • ISO 19650 can be applied to all asset types (projects)
  • And ISO 19650 is a truly unified approach for BIM management ????
ISO 19650 Explained in five minutes

ISO 19650 standards are being adopted by multiple countries

BIM professionals see ISO 19650 as the “Global BIM Standard”

To reinforce the importance of ISO 19650 in the USA the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) is combining forces with the Center for Digital Built Britain (CDBB).

These two groups (NIBS and CDBB) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help teams in the design and construction industry implement better information management practices.

The effort in the US will adapt the UK program and materials (with the excellent work from the UK BIM Alliance!) as a guide to developing a U.S. national roadmap aligned with the international standard for ISO 19650.

ISO 19650 agreement between NIBS - National Institute of Building Sciences and CDBB - Center for Digital Built Britain - BIM Building Information Modeling

???? ISO 19650 Explained in five minutes

Ok, so ISO 19650 is important so let’s take a deeper look…

In the five minute video below we explain ISO 19650, share why teams should care about it and introduce some ISO 19650 resources to get started (resource links in conclusion below).


The 🌐 ISO 19650 series of standards are the most comprehensive BIM / information management standards available in the world today.

As the partnership between NIBS and CDBB develops there will likely be a US National Annex (US NA) developed for the ISO 19650 series.

A ISO 19650 National Annex (NA) is an appendix document for any country to add their local/specific requirements for implementation of the standards in their region.

This National Annex will contain adaptations to local BIM practices in the USA.

For the US National Annex there will be many views – two engaging topics to anticipate are: 1) the ongoing debate about LOD and Level of Information Need and 2) file naming standards.

Learn more about ISO 19650 and make sure that your team gets involved as the National Annex is developed for the USA!


  1. ISO 19650 Templates
  2. ISO 19650 Workflow (BELOW)
ISO 19650 pdf to explain the ISO 19650 workflow

Which ISO 19650 template will you use first?

New BIM Management videos, templates and tips are added to this BIM BLOG WEEKLY!

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One-Minute Intro Video:


What is ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, and it is an organization dedicated to the development of international standards related to technology, business operations, transportation safety, quality assurance systems, management processes, and more. Standards created by the organization help businesses reduce costs associated with machinery maintenance, prevent production errors and disputes over product conformity or quality control issues, and maintain consistency between different vendors of materials or products that are used in manufacturing processes. ISO standards also help other organizations create contractual terms on standardized methodology and comparable performance criteria. Not only does this allow companies to select the most efficient suppliers for their needs, but it also raises the overall standard for the industry in general. In addition to these practical applications of its standards, ISO is a global leader in advancing sustainability initiatives through its commitment to forming a unified approach to energy efficiency and environmental protection from a global perspective. With the extensive use of technology today in all areas of life, ISO plays an increasingly important role in ensuring proactive safety measures remain at the forefront of developing practices across all industries.

What is ISO 19650?

ISO 19650 is a globally recognized set of standards designed to facilitate the organization and management of data created during construction projects. The standard clarifies common problems when managing information effectively, namely the lack of clarity, proper structure, and processes necessary for project success. At a high level, it provides guidance on how models and data must be stored and managed to improve accessibility and coordination between different disciplines and sectors involved in the process. This helps streamline up-to-date design decisions and enables informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. Practically speaking, ISO19650 stipulates requirements for classification schemes as well as how model-based documents must be produced, shared, stored, and ultimately archived. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for organizations to ensure their teams are using ISO 19650-compliant processes; doing so ensures greater efficiency along with productivity gains across all aspects of construction projects. In summary, adhering to ISO-19650 helps make construction projects smoother, delivering value faster while also mitigating potential expensive errors further down the line.

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